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Annual Events in Naperville, Illinois

Naperville offers quite a range of annual events where you can get an opportunity to interact with your family, friends and the entire community. If you are also planning the city for some of these events then you need to get sufficient information on when these events are hosted. We have therefore provided this guide to highlight the various annual events in Naperville.

The Gala

The Gala annual event is hosted at the start of the year bringing together hundreds of business executives from the region. The event is always fun with people dancing to the best tunes. You should also expect lots of drinks and food of course in plenty. There is indeed so much to enjoy during the event.

Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes

The Chicago Harmony Sweepstake festival has been hosted for more than 30 times over the years and the events are always memorable to many. The festival is hosted in the month of February and it is meant to showcase the vocal harmony music. The festival is usually a competition among the various vocal groups in the region. The best group gets an opportunity to compete among the other best groups from the different regions at the national level.

Winter Ale Fest

The Winter Ale Fest event is one of the most honored traditional festivals that features more than 150 craft beers. The event focus on beers that are only available during the winter season. It is regarded as one of the best and popular outdoor beer festivals in the region bringing hundreds of people together.

St. Patrick Day 5K Run

This event is hosted by the Rotary Club in Naperville. The festival is hosted annually with hundreds of participants registering for a race, run or even a walk. The proceeds from the event are used to finance health bills to the needy in the region.

State of the City Address

The State of the City Address is also a popular event in Naperville that is meant to analyze and highlight some programs and initiatives to improve the quality of life in the region. An inspirational presentation is delivered and a discussion is held to find better means to improve the living conditions and standards in the region.

Naperville is indeed an amazing city full of events bringing more people together. The events range from festivals meant to support the needy in the region to beer, music and fashion events that are focused on bringing more people together as they interact and have fun during the year.