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Famous People from Naperville, Illinois

Naperville is one of the best places to live in Illinois with a great atmosphere, diverse population, and amazing attractions. It has also produced notable personalities, including singers, authors, politicians, and actors. While some still call Naperville home, others have established their lives in other places around the world. Here is a list of renowned and influential people from Naperville, Illinois

Dave Allen

A prominent film actor and comedian, Dave Allen has taken part in several movies and television shows. Allen is well known for his roles in the comedy-drama, Freaks and Geeks, the 1990 TV series, Higgins Boys and Gruber, and The Naked Trucker and T-Bone Show. He has also provided multiple voiceovers in animated movies and series such as King of the Hill.

Ashley Elizabeth Palmer

Ashley Palmer is a famous actress and singer. Born in 1978 in Naperville, Palmer spent her childhood performing and studying music, dance, and theater. Before high school, her family moved to Ohio, and she later relocated to New York City in 2000 and finally to Los Angeles in 2004 to pursue film and television. She has played various roles in movies and television shows, and she’s best known for her role in the 2007 horror film, Paranormal Activity.

Emily Giffin

With a list of irresistible novels, Emily Giffin is a successful author, born and raised in Naperville. One of her best-known works, Something Borrowed, was adapted in a major film and featured on New York Times Best Seller List. Some of her other international bestsellers include Heart of the Matter, Something Blue, and All We Ever Wanted.

Jim Sonefield

Jim Sonefield is one of the founding members of a famous band, Hootie and the Blowfish. He was on backing vocal and was amazingly talented with playing percussions and drums for the band. Having struggled with addiction, Jim Sonefield got a spiritual awakening and released his first solo in 2008. In 2012 he released his first Christian album, Found, and has released several others ever since.

Paul Brittain

Born and raised in Naperville, Paul Brittain has become a huge name in the film industry. He is an actor and a comedian who was a cast member of Saturday Night live from 2010 to 2012. It is in Naperville that he got his start in improv and sketch comedy. He has appeared in the films Killing Gunther, The Night is Young, Hotel Transylvania, and Grown Ups 2. He has also appeared in a number of television series.

While Naperville, Illinois is known for being a great place to live in, it is without a doubt that it has served as home and a great start of careers to some of the most famous people in America.